cruise control


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i have a a4 sport avant tdi on a 2004 plate, does anyone know if the cruise stalk and lower coloumn housing from a 2006 a6 avant will fit my vehicle. sorry i cant give anymore info re the a6 but it is totalled. also what else will i need parts wise to complete the retro fit of cruise control. thanks


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Hi, Part number should be the same as they changed the switch in 2003 to one that is about 1/2 inch smaller. Connections are the same though.
Other things you will need is a steering wheel control unit at £110 ( if your car has no multi function wheel), a lower steering cowl with the cutout for the switch (about £25) 2 screws to fit the switch to the control unit and access to a diagnostic tester to code up the various control units.
Hope this hasn't put you off.
Price of a new switch is only £22 from audi