Cruise Control Issues

Jack Kelly

265 BHP 2.0 TFSI Saloon
Having issues with my cruise control simply not turning on. It stopped working around a year ago and only recently have I started to look into it. I had the clutch switch error when scanning, so replaced the switch to no avail. So far I have done the following to try to get it to work:
  • Replaced clutch switch
  • Replaced brake switch
  • Changed fuse 5 as I believe this is the one linked to cruise control? (although there are no other issues with functions relating to fuse 5 like AC)
  • Run a wire across the clutch switch loom, to simulate the clutch being fully engaged
There are no codes in vagcom relating to this issue or any other parts, so I know the clutch switch and brake switch are seated correctly.

When trying to engage cruise, I am at a good speed and making sure to keep both feet off the brake and pedal. The stalk isn't turned off and I am pressing the set button on the side. It used to work when I initially installed cruise and did so for around a year.

Does anyone have any other ideas as to what could be the cause? My only other thought is the stalk itself could be broken.

Jack Kelly

265 BHP 2.0 TFSI Saloon
I had also previously checked vagcom coding and it was fine.

A day or two after changing the clutch and brake switch, the car started working again, not sure what I changed so can't help anyone else unfortunately.

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