Cruise control installation guide

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in gear but clutch slipping
NHN swapped cruise control from my old b6 to my new b7 today - quick & professional job (made it look easy (but only if you know what your doing!!))

& fixed a couple of other issues whilst he was there too. Top man - thanks

Glen 7502

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hi guys......
I'm another newbie I'm afraid!

sorry to drag up old news again, but I'm a bit lost despite reading through the posts on this thread.

I fitted the cruise stalk to my 2007 S4 avant auto. and a buddy of mine with vcds recoded the engine and steering as per the earlier post as far as we can tell.

cruise is not working..............

I'm looking for advice from folks that had the same issue and what the problem was for them, to compile a short (or long!) list of where we look next.

Thanks in advance.
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