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hey all

im looking at getting cruise control fitted but not sure on all the people on ebay and other places that offer it, has anyone had any problems with getting it done this way and has anyone used this person on ebay for it
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A8 does it for around that price and you are guaranteed quality.


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There is the population of a small town does CC fitting on here. I think NHN (Nigel) is in Kent and he'll come to you.

Maybe it's time for a sticky thread list of all the names and areas covered by everybody who can fit CC, RNSe, DIS etc. Admin/Mods?
Had mine fitted last year by the ebay guy (Rob) in Ashford. He came down to Folkestone to fit it and was very good.
Only trouble was with the long coding, but we worked it out and it has been perfect.
He even coded a few other bits for me while doing it.
Would highly recommend him.
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NHN does indeed do this and other stuff all day long. Get in touch, he sorted me out a few bits not so long ago.


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I did it myself last month, well worth it, cost my just under £90. If you have the multifunction steering wheel then the control module just needs the stalk and coding. Struggled to code the engine, had to go into the long coding, but got it all working easily. I think some people were quoting around £130 on ebay fit it for you. The only reason I did it my self was because nobody near Devon seemed to do it. Its easier just to get someone to fit it for you as the steering wheel, airbag and the stalks have to come off to get to it.


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hi does anyone do cc fitting near doncaster ?

Hi, welcome to ASN. Users NHN, itwasntme 187 and jb0o do cc installing. I dont know who is closest to you, im rubbish at geography. Hope you enjoy the forum. :)
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Yeah I can sort this.