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Crewe Audi / VW MQB Upgrades

creweaudiparts Nov 21, 2018

  1. creweaudiparts

    creweaudiparts t.fox@creweaudi.co.uk Audi Main Dealer

    ALUMINUM front subframe
    Upgrade front steel items
    100% Genuine item
    Fits -
    8V S3
    8S TTS
    Golf Mk7 / 7.5

    £285.00 Inc Vat

    Audi RS7 Genuine Spark Plugs x4
    Upgrade for 8V MQB Chassis S3,TTS,GTI and R models

    Golf MK7 Clubsport S Front Brake Pads

    If you have request for other items or interested in any of these please feel free to pm or email me at t.fox@creweaudi.co.uk

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