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CREC engine issue

Dippy Oct 20, 2017

  1. Dippy

    Dippy Well-Known Member Team Monsoon Audi S5 Black Edition

    The CREC engine is Audi's latest version of their 3.0 TSFI supercharged V6. In the UK it was introduced in the B8.5 S4 and S5 in early 2014. I believe this was also for ROW but excluding North America. However Audi also used this engine in 3.0 TFSI versions of other models including the A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5 and Q7. There may be others.

    I am creating this post to share awareness that there is an issue with the magnetic clutch on the supercharger. From my perspective I am aware of this relating to tuned S5s. There have been two cases of clutch failure that I know about. Further details in an A5OC post. This prompted me to search further and I found at least one incidence from this thread on Audiworld. Clearly this is not just an issue for tuned engines.

    In essence it appears that the clutch can slip, either through a design or production fault or premature wear or both. In the Audiworld thread it seems that this was first noticed as noise heard as the clutch engages. For the two tuned S5s the indication was the EPC light.

    I have found a total of 5 versions of the supercharger clutch:
    06E145105N - this is what my S5 has
    06E145105S - this is the latest version

    As far as I am aware, mine has not failed yet. I have no fault codes logged however I decided to check the advanced values in my engine module using VCDS and found this:

    IDE08947 Compressor magnetic clutch: aging Wear limit reached

    Since my engine is tuned (increased supercharger drive ratio and ECU/TCU remaps) I cannot be 100% sure that whatever algorithm Audi use to determine wear is still working properly, however it gives me cause for concern. My engine has done just less than 11K and has been tuned for the last 2.5K.
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  3. Tashfeen

    Tashfeen Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team Glacier Supercharged TFSI Owners Group Team V6 VCDS Map User Team Scuba Audi S4 Audi A3 Black Edition quattro

    Thanks for the post @Dippy and it certainly got the attention of a paranoid like me. The first thing I did was to go and re-check the engine code and I can gladly report (or maybe not) that mine is a CGWC.

    I have read Ajay's posts and can gladly report that there are no such problems on my car (yet) as reported by Ajay in his posts, i.e. EPC light and limp mode. However, I have noticed another problem and reported it in my build thread earlier. Occasionally if I upshift before hitting the rev-limiter the car kind of takes a breath, a pause and then changes the gear. It happens between 4-5 and 5-6. It happens if I change the gears slightly above the full throttle position and before reaching the rev-limiter. It doesn't happen at WOT shifts whether manual or S mode.
  4. Merdan

    Merdan New Member

    Guys are there any CREC cars on APR dual pulley? What's your coupling part number?
    Our customer's SC coupling failed 3 times in a row. So far, we can't find the problem that causes failure. Any thoughts?

    both revisions failed

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