Crankshaft oil seal leak


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I have popped in from the 8P forum where I have a stage 2+ S3.
My son has a TT with en EA888 gen 1 engine APR stage 1/2.
Two weeks ago, he had an RTS dual friction clutch fitted and is in the middle of running it in.
At the same time thinking of preventative maintenance, he had the latest revision of the rear main oil seal fitted. The original was not leaking but the idea was to remove future issues.
So today, he brought it round for me to fit a trackslag downpipe and there was loads of oil on the undertray coming from the breather in the bottom of the bell housing.
We fitted the exhaust and used brake cleaner to clean off all oil.
He drove home 4 miles checked again and 3-4 drops of oil had appeared.
Anyone got any idea what has happened and can it contaminate the new clutch?

Thanks for your thoughts.