Crank sensor failure


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Hi, can anyone offer advice - I am trading my car in in one week and today it broke down ! Typical ! RAC came out and after about an hour it started and went another 20 miles home, switched it off and then failed again. The EPC light, oil pressure and engine failure light came on. The RAC inspector connected up his PC and it came up with a crank sensor failure and said he could fix for me for £56 next week, is this a major fault with the car from peoples experiences or is it likely to go once the sensor is replaced, I think what I am getting at is am I best parking it up until trade in ? Or, alternatively from experience once the sensor is replaced, will it run fine until trade in day ? Like I said anyone elses experiences would be appreciated and thanked.


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A faulty crank sensor basically stalls the car and stops it from restarting once the engine has reached operating temperature. It's not a major mechanical fault, it's just a case of the sensor getting tired and no longer doing its job. I suspect if you scanned it with Vag-COM this is the error you'd get:

16706 - Engine Speed Sensor (G28): No Signal
P0322 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent

£56 is not a bad price to get it fixed assuming it's for the sensor too. It really is a very simple job to replace, a bit fiddly but very straightforward so you could do it yourself if you're in a hurry. There's a bolt holding the sensor in to the block which is the hardest part, the rest is simple. There are numerous threads about it on various Internet forums (search for engine speed sensor).

Until you get it replaced the car will likely conk out at random and struggle to start again. This can be very dangerous should the car just cut out whilst you're going round a sharp bend leaving you with no steering and no electrics.

Once the sensor has been replaced it should be fine if there are no further underlying problems. However, the oil pressure light issue you've mentioned doesn't sound related to the crankshaft sensor so double check that it doesn't come back after you replace the sensor.

Hope this helps mate.