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Craig’s TQS

Ayff Jul 12, 2018

  1. Ayff

    Ayff New Member

    2 weeks ago I drove from Leicester to north Devon to buy a 2000 Audi A4 1.8t Quattro, I previously dropped my B8 2.0 tdi to daily drive this vehicle!

    Drove 240 miles home to Leicester and it didn’t skip a beat.

    I had a look at the engine and it’s the AJL, (180bhp? I think)
    It also has the red around the “T” on the badge

    The day I bought it
    Gave it a good clean and polish
    The next day I replaced the battery as I was told it was struggling & definitely noticed it
    The same day I decided to drop the oil and replace the filter.
    The MANN filter I bought was quite a lot larger than the one I took off but all seems good I don’t really know what difference that would make.
    I then bought a new head unit and wired in my subwoofer
    This weekend I plan to change the air filter, cabin filter & fuel filter (absolutely dreading it as I hate the position it’s in)
    Probably the spark plugs too!

    Short term plans;
    Remove the spoiler
    Replace all the tyres
    Upgrade or replace the brakes as they aren’t fantastic (coming from my B8 where I just had to breathe on the brake pedal and I’d go flying through the window)
    Replace the solid flywheel with a dual mass
    Honeycomb front grill with chrome delete
    Try to source a RS4 front bumper or replica

    Future plans;
    Better exhaust system (quad tip probably)
    Some sort of modern OEM wheels

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