Cracked Alloy 18" S-Line


B8 2.0TDI S-line
Just went to get a slow puncture looked at and they discovered a nice crack on the inside of the passenger front alloy.

Now i am on the look out for either a new alloy to match my original one or a replacement set.

Photo 17-04-2014 05 39 19 pm.jpg

Photo 17-04-2014 07 20 30 pm.jpg

Didn't know if anyone has the same as this one for sale???? Or if someone is selling a set of 4??
18" x 8J
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if you could get it to sheffield or send it
my pal welding on wheels.


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Take it a a alloy refurb shop any decent alloy refurb shop will know people that can weld it or repair it. Aprox cost I'm Birmingham is £10-20 providing the you just give them the wheel and they will repair it and you will need to get the tyre put back on and balanced