Couriers... i hate them!


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I bought a spare big port head for the S3,bought it before i went on my holidays,so recived it when i got back,the face was well protected but the top have could have been better.

But how heavy handed do you have to be to do this!!! :banghead:




these bits can be swaped or replaced but its not the point...this has been dropped,throw and abused!


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it was the bare head and cam caps that i wanted all eles will be changed for upgraded parts later on,so strip and inspect tomorrow for any futher damage but i dont think there will be....i hope!,it was just the fact they did it in the first place and im waiting on the lad who sold me it to get back in touch to put a claim in....DHL by the way :slapped:


Yes its diesel, now cry u lost
fk me!!! what tossers, hope you get that sorted. DHL= Distroys heavy Loads!