Couple of Questions with a Budget audio install.




I have an Audi A3 2.0TDI SE 2004 Non Bose.

I was looking into replacing the Crappy sub in the boot with a sub i have lying around. (Came out of Logitech Z5500 5.1 PC Speakers) There is limited info on the sub but from what i can tell its 188w at 8ohms resistance... (this could be a problem)
Only reason i want to use this sub is because i have it and its for free.. or am i better off buying another sub?

I have good practical skills with building custom enclosures etc but im not so good on the electronics side.

My question is:

Can i use the existing "Signal In" that goes to the crappy 50W Amp inside the subwoofer to deliver the signal to a new amplifier?
This would save me from running new input wires from the HU? (if that makes sense)
I do realize i need a power cable but that i can deal with.

I plan on getting a 4 channel amp so i can bridge two connections to power the sub and 2 to power the rear speakers. ( because after reading through 18 pages of this section of the forum i realised i cant use the existing crap-amp to power my new 10" logitech sub even temporarily)

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
If I were you, I'd start with a new head unit - if you don't already have one! You might be surprised at how bad basic OEM Audi head units are quality\power wise.
Hi, If i was to exchange the HU i want DAB, Satnav Bluetooth atleast 7 " touchscreen and pioneer equivalent is atleast £700.

I want to start with amp and sub then work my way up. Eventually exchanging speakers and then headunit.

Cant afford that much on a HU just now.
It's a shame you don't have the BOSE setup then, as a Head Unit upgrade was all I needed to do! The sub & speakers are great IMO.
The std fit both bose and normal are cheap and not very good
Even a cheap aftermarket unit will outperform them
I think you are missing the point. I wasn't asking about getting my HU replaced just yet...

My only actual question was whether and how to use the signal from the crap amp to send signal to an aftermarket amp?
Not me, but maybe you are? I'm trying to let you know that the standard head unit is the main reason the system sounds crap\flat. Speakers will only output what is input to them, and the source is the head unit.

What I'm not getting is why you would ask about using the signal from a "crap amp" at all, as you'll only end up amplifying the same "crap" frequencies to your new Sub\speakers. If you want a different experience, you should probably bypass the OE system completely.

But whatever you decide to do first\next... Good luck with your project. :)
"if you put crap in... you get crap out"
the only way youll change this is by changing the headunit itself

yes you can use the original "crappy" input but its unshielded and suffers from noise and isnt particualrly good in the first place ...
or you can use an adaptor and run a decent quality shielded rca
Now we are getting somewhere.
I only wanted to use the existing conections since it would save running new wires and buying adaptors that ive no idea are the correct ones.

I know the standard headunit is crap.

So how do i get a decent line in signal?

What adapter do i need to buy and where do i get the signal from to run a shielded cable?
I'm gonna go against the grain here.

If you want a cheap fix here get a hi to low level converter for about 10 quid which will give you an output for your sub, will it be good? Depends what you're expecting from it.

If you're adamant on keeping the factory stereo and want a proper job doing then mtx do something called a re-q5 which will give you a 5 channel output for your amp, JBL do/did something called ms-8 it's the ******** but not easy to set up.
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jbl ms8 is an expensive processor and designed for use with much better equipment than factory and if you dont know how to set one up your liable to make it sound worse not better

a high to low convertor will still give you noise through the system due to how it works , they are also unreliable
as if they break they can take out your headunit

if you want a no noise option then get the autoleads adaptor which gives you rca output from the back of the headunit
then run a shielded rca cable down the car ... this will give you no noise and be reliable
Can you please link me to the adaptor?
I take it i wont be loosing any other operational part by using said adaptor.. For example if i was to put in an Aux port id loose the CD changer..

I can't replace the HU at this moment in time due to how much they cost. But id like to get some bass back in the car. (disconnected the sub, as it was rattling terribly)

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