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Costco Fuel, whats everyones opinion

xkieron99x Apr 29, 2019

  1. xkieron99x

    xkieron99x Registered User

    So recently in Leicester, our costco warehouse now has a fuel station and i'm impressed of the quality, one compared to sanisburys 95 ocatane after a previous of redex fuel treatmeant to clean my injectors my average mpg was 43mpg at 60-65 mph, i'm am getting 45mpg at 70 mph with costco 95 octane. I know costco fuel has addatives in it, claming to clean carbon disposts but im guessing the fuel overall is just a higher quality.
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  3. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    MuPPeT_ON_TouR Registered User

    Fuel comes from the same depot and is the same as supplied to Esso.

    The did used to do 99 octane but then for some reason stopped.. now they supply 97. Not sure why anybody would waste money on 97 when 95 will do. At least 99 had a purpose.
  4. A12RNX

    A12RNX Registered User

    I used to use them for the 99 stuff but since the change I’m back to Tesco. Shame because Costco was a lot cheaper.
  5. tickedon

    tickedon Registered User

    I use Costco's diesel - I find I get much better MPG with it compared to anything else (measured over 25k miles in 18 months). However, the price saving vs diesel elsewhere has slowly reduced and their prices do seem to be creeping up lately.
  6. rum4mo

    rum4mo Registered User

    Oh, I've never noticed that "99" is now "97" - as the car that uses most fuel is my wife's August 2015 Polo 1.2TSI 110PS, I normally just fill it up with the UL version and have so far no issues with Costco petrol, I messed up once and needed to grab petrol locally and that meant Tesco for once, and with that in the Polo 1.2TSI 110PS, it did stumble badly when entering a big roundabout - and I was not ready for that, got a loud blasting from a truck who was flying across that roundabout, quickly topped the tank up with Costco 99 and that sorted that out, so based on one visit to Tesco, I'll be giving their fuel a miss - Tesco also use Greenergy as fuel management company, which is same as Esso and Costco and maybe others!

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