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Nov 13, 2005
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Anyone had problems with there cooling system ?

My engine light came on i took it down to my techie at Audi (a mate). Who looked it over & couldnt find any problems with the pumps. The system was slightly over full so this was reduced & the pressure cap replaced (the car was not overheating). Engine light then went off everything seemed fine until yesterday when it lit up again. I imagine its the same problem but has anyone expierenced this before. The cars a 2002 S3 with only 27k on the clock.

Any help would be apprciated.


When you say engine light do you mean the engine management light? If so, what makes you think the problem is to do with the cooling system?

yes engine management light. the car was hooked up the Audis computer system & the fault code given indicated coolling system.
If you can get the actual fault number that would help narrow it down.

ECU can't detect a fault with the main pump, but there may be a code for the electrical one which circulates coolant after you switch the car off.

Also it can detects coolant sensor and wiring probs.
Under Fault / notes detected

the following is displayed on the screen print:

17704 P1296 035

Malfunction in cooling system
I've had a quick look at the manual and all it says is refer to the "checking coolant system" area.

Of the two electrical items in that section, I'd check the "continued circulation pump". It describes how to check if its working or not. I've included the document for you (or your mecanic) to look at.


Its a PDF document. Hope it helps a bit.

The other electrical item is the radiator fans, but if these weren't working, you'd probably experience overheating in traffic.

If it was the coolant temp sensor, then you'd get a different error code to the one you are seeing.

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