Cooling fans,not turning off


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My girlfriend went out in the car sunday,a 2.0 tdi and left it parked up.
when she went back to it the fans were still going and this had also flattened the battery.
So they had been running for a couple of hours,which can't be doing them much good but anyway.
She got a start with some jump leads and drove home,on arrival the fans did switch off,but i'm sure this is
probably going to happen again.
Any idea's ?

Cheers Jules


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Last time this happed to me on my 140 TDI. It was a faulty sensor at the front for the fans.

Had to take the whole front bumper off at audi to replace.

Maybe this was just a one off though, who knows.



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Check the FAQs thread please evocos, it's common fault.


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Hope you get it sorted Jules.