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Coolest Saloon Ever for the Money!!!


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Quite a few but this is one of my favourite.


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RS4 Hands down!!!!
Just ask Clarkson or Hammond
More Punch for the Pounds
4.2 V8 Come-on!!! Twin Turbo KO4's

eh... not wanting to pick hairs here..... but wasn't the twin turbo RS4 only available in avant format??? B5?

the B6 was available in the saloon, but that was the N/A V8

or, of course do you mean the Audi RS6 biturbo is the coolest saloon ever???


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Had a sapphire 4x4 Cosworth myself so id say that or a Lotus Carlton.


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ive been a renault 19 nut for years so the 16v chamade has to be no.1 for me. not big on power by todays standards but my bog standard one has out gunned several motors of the same calibre.


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^ A mate's bro has one in his lock-up.only 26k on the clock.I asked him how much he wants for that old taxi in the shed


S3 8V Sprtbk
m5 or rs6 saloon and that quattro clubsport is just a heartbreaker already i hope this is what they are releasing as the rs3 saloon this year!


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Vauxhall Lotus Carlton all day long. The original "hyper-saloon".