Coolant Warning On Dis Morning Cold Starts?


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Hi Guys,

I Have a 55 reg Audi A3 TDi S Line DSG

For the past few mornings when i start the car up (cold start) the coolant warning pops up on the DIS and beeps for a couple of minutes and then just goes off?

Doesn't come on again until the next morning when starting cold.

Is it just a sensor problem or something minor?

Thanks in advance guys!


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Stupid question but have you checked the level?
or do you park it on a hill?

could be a faulty sensor or your mixture isn't strong enough.

mine used to do this a lot but seems to have stopped since I added neat Coolant.


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Sorry should have mentioned in last post, coolant level is fine. Just a tad below max.

And yes car is parked on my drive way overnight which is level ground.

Will try a better mixture, thanks!
It will be the bottle contacts you can see inside the bottle. Either change the bottle or try and clean the fine layer of ***** off the prongs.