Coolant sensor issue


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Hi 2.0 tfsi , starts fine all the while except if it’s sat in hot weather , it turns over for a while if it’s been sat and weathers warm .
Starts fine once started , even with hot engine
Starts fine in cold weather
Temp gauge works
I’ve had the thermostat changed and everything else on the car mechanical is good , I was doing some research and people seem to say the GREEN 4 pin coolant sensor might need changing ? I’ve located the grey 2 pin on the coolant flange but I cannot for the life of me find the green one . Any pointers? Thanks


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Darren, I changed mine on my 1.9 AVF B6. I think this is what you're looking for so I've attached a pic for you to look at. My engine wouldn't get up to temp so changed the sensor & it was green like the pic. Not sure if it's that colour just to easily identify an upgraded part. Must be common in many lumps as I had this fitted to my 2.0TFSI BUL as well, although my indy fitted this for me so I don't know exactly where it lives but said it was a bit awkward to change so must be hidden by other parts.

I've had a look on ETKA & there are different versions although I'm not sure if it's the same sensor but with different fittings for different engines.