Coolant problem


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Hi all,

The missus has a 2004 2.0fsi 5 door A3, she's been complaining that the "Check Coolant" symbol comes up and flashes on her dash about 30 seconds into the engine running, her coolant level is always within the ranges and isn't leaking anywhere, however her front radiator fan constantly spins even on cold starts.

She took it to a garage and he said there's nothing with the coolant but it's maybe a sensor, refusing to pay a lot of money for him to use diagnostics, any idea what the problem might be?



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Inside the coolant bottle are prongs for the sensor, these get covered in crud. When cold open the cap and either scrape the prongs with a long screwdriver, or use a partners toothbrush ;) (joking) to clean them. Or simply replace the bottle about £15 i think they are roughly.


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Thanks mate, i tried scraping them once and it worked for about 2 days before coming on again, I'll try again and be a bit more thorough this time.

Just incase do you know where i can order a new bottle/reservoir?