Coolant missing and engine fan running


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Aug 28, 2021
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Hello all,

Audi A6 2007 2.0 TFSI automatic cvt - 120k mileage

Need some help, will try describe as best as possible.

Last year around November was having serious coolant leaks so i got one of the main coolant pipes that sits towards the back of the engine replaced in December last year. That stopped that massive leak but now i am facing a smaller leak somewhere and im not sure where, every 3/4 days the coolant drops from max line to just below min line and i top up with water but its reoccurring. I have noticed some slight white smoke from the exhaust but only this past week, cant be sure if thats due to the weather but its not happened before. Have checked the oil cap and no sludge there.

Also had oil drop to min level two times, took to garage and they said for the oil, the oil filter ring is leaking so they said that will presumably fix that but not sure if its going elsewhere. Had full service in November last year so there was about 4ltrs of oil then and now just gone. Could it be the oil sump or gasket?

My engine fan after about 30 mins of driving starts up and is very loud and stays on till i shut car off, about an hours worth of driving, the temperature gauge has gone up to the 130 mark, only twice so far. First time i stopped and let engine cool down and i was okay with driving but second time i turned on the heater inside and it decreased the temperature gauge to normal mark. When the car was running, i opened the bonnet and top of the engine was hot and engine fan very cold, i could hear water swooshing around, not sure if its meant to be doing that or not

The only engine code that comes up for now is 00739:001 which is coolant recirculation pump? looked online and people usually ask if hot air and cold air comes and it does.

Thermostat has been changed last year summer time.

has anyone experienced any of these either individually or altogether?
Which do i tackle first?
Could all of the above be linked together? or if i maybe fix one or two things then that will fix the others if its more of a linked problem

Sorry for the many questions and lack of knowledge

Any help appreciated please, thanks
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