Coolant loss issue 2004 140 tdi

pistol pete

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Dec 13, 2011
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I seem to be loosing coolant
I also go into limp mode on hard acceleration when reach around 4k

Coolant loss I have search and read about needing get new head of egr cooler
What would the costs be?
Am I best getting egr mapped out and blanking the coolant lines off? Can I take the cooler off and look see if it's leaking/where abouts is it?

Or how to tell if heads leaking

It's done 120k, can sometimes take a but more to get it started when warm but all runs well when running .

I'm in kent any good specialists who are not expensive
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Just to add.. I haven't noticed any mayo in oil cap or mix when changed the oil month back

I have noticed coolant is lost quicker if I drive it harder...
Have a thorough look around the engine bay for signs of water leaking or water stain marks. Wash out your cap and refit it, check it in a few days time, if it's got the mayo in it again your head gasket has gone or the head may be porous, think this was a problem on earlier TDI engines from memory. Another way to tell if it is one of the above problems is excessive white smoke coming out of the exhaust.
EGR coolers have been known to leak so that needs looking at closely.
Your memery serves your right :)

Yeah your 140 will be the BKD engine. Look for what letter your head serial number starts with. If its a A or B, youve probably got a porous head. (well your at risk of it)
Thanks guys same loss over the last 4 months not got worse
No mayo in the cap and no stains... There was on rad but that's been changed.
the water leaks into the engine and evaporates, hence no spills under the car, and the limp mod is possibly the turbo overboosting, which is most likely a separate issue, turbo may just need a good strip'n'clean