Coolant leak on freezing days


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Hi. 2015 s3 here.
A couple of months back on a very cold morning I drove to work and got a coolant level warning light on the dash. I topped it up and went on my way and a couple of days later it happened again so I decided to put the car on axle stands And get under the car to see if I could determine where the leak was coming from but to no avail I couldn’t find out even though there was water visible on the under tray before removal. It remedied itself.
However, this morning the same thing happened again, it was freezing this morning and the car was iced over again and by the time I got to work I had a low coolant warning light on again and sure enough there is some coolant in the under tray.
It does seem to be weather dependent and only happens on freezing days. Has anyone experienced anything like this?


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Common issue on the S3s, could be the waterpump, silicone bag could of burst, ypu might have a split in one of the coolant hoses (this is what happened to me).

Search the forum if you need more info. Hope you get it sorted

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