Control module for injection pump


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My 99 a6 2.5 tdi cut out yesterday. managed to get it towed home ok.Called a mobile diagnostic mechanic out and it said the control module for injection pump has packed up.

Audi says you have to buy an exchange injection pump+ control unit for 1500 +vat
Found complete pump and unit in the brakers for 400 +vat

What I need to know is can I just replace the contol module which is bolted on top of the injection pump which is a 5 min job or will I have to replace the whole pump unit ?


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Got this from elsawin
For security reasons, in all vehicles as from the 2002 model year the injection pump is integrated in the immobiliser system.
t When an injection pump has been renewed, it must be re-adapted to the immobiliser (same adaption as when replacing the engine control unit), otherwise the engine will not start.
In theory a second hand pump should work but the pump has to be timed to the engine. If you pm me with an email i can send you the procedure, but it looks like a replacment pump comes preadjusted to match the timing setting on the engine. Anyway I'll send to you and you can see what you think