Control arm refresh 2.5tdi Quattro.


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Just completed today a front complete control arm replacement with solid track rod ends on my b6 quattro. I purchased the Meyle Hd kit from Allgerman parts in Leeds Must say very impressed with the service you get with Jason and would deal with again.

I had a a couple of arms showing signs of wear and tear and what with 150 thou on the old girl thought it time to do the lot in one go. The Meyle HD set comes with a 4 year warranty and was in line with my plans of keeping the b6 for another 100 thou so thought it worth doing. Had the car lazer relined as well today and must say has made a good difference.

For anyone interested I had some all mighty struggles to get the old set off. The oxy/cet torch and plasma gun were needed to heat and cut some rusted bolts away. The job took me 8 hours in total from start to finish. I even had the benefit of a car lift and the use of a heavy lump hammer too, the arms just didn't want to depart to easy!

I have noticed Jason sells the rear refresh kit for the rear end of the quattro. My plan is to change the back end bushes arms next year as there ok at the moment. Has anyone done this job I would appreciate any advice pics etc as to how to do the job. It looks to me as if the rear springs and sub frame need to be taken off so as to remove the bolts on the front rear bushes as the tank is in the way? Appreciate any help in advance.



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I've done exactly the same this weekend and it took me 8 hours of sweat and alot of swearing. Im only on 130k and the only pain in the **** was the top pinch bolt. But plenty of heat and a lump hammer they came.


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Well done done mate I feel your pain, lot of work but worth doing if your going to keep the car a while. Just hope the rear ends not so bad?


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I did the same a few months prior.
The condition of the previous arms and bushes were ok considering they had covered 140k.
The main reason I changed them were because two of the ball joints were worn.

I ended up having to buy a new upright.... used plenty of copper grease when I fitted the new ones!

I had thought about doing the rear refresh - but looking at the parts it looks like there is quite abit of work involved!
I will probably just end up replacing individual bushes when they wear.