Continuous Parking Brake Fault - replaced many times


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Hi there, hopefully someone here can shed some light on this annoying issue I have with my parking brake.

Last year, I got a warning on the dash about faulty parking sensor. The garage scanned and confirmed the fault, replaced the rear caliper on the drivers side..

Then 3 weeks later, fault shows up again. They scan and it is the parking sensor on the passenger side. They replace that.

Then last week, fault shows up. Scanned and it is the original drivers side. So they replace under warranty.

Now just today, I get the fault again (only driven 15 miles since last week).Not sure what side, but its clear now that there is an underlying issue here.

Does anyone have any experience with what this may be?



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I assume you mean parking brake issue and not parking sensors....
Do you know what the fault code is that is flagging the dash light?
Ive heard that water ingress into the loom causing issues. Repair looms are available iirc so its worth looking at the contacts first and then further up the loom.


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Yeah I mean the parking brake.
Fault code is 0486 from memory... not got the paperwork with me at the min.

But basically in the last year, both calipers have now been replaced - twice.


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I had this with a 2004 A6. It was faulty wiring due to a missing grommet that was subject to a recall but mine missed it. I had cailpers across the axle, pb ecu ect and it was about £30 of wiring


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i had this due to a loose wire on my C6... luckily my brother in law spotted it and soldered it... Audi would have replaced everything (calipers/looms/control units)