Contemplating whether to sell my winter wheels and tyres, but what are they worth?


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Hi guys,

Asthe title says, I'm toying whether to sell my winter wheels and tyres as I don't have the space for them to be stored when not in use, but I really don't know what they are worth.....

They are the original fat 5 spoke design 16" alloys with proper Fulda Kristall Montero 2 winter snow tyres, they're in average shape, 2 wheels have kerb rashes up a couple of spokes and one other one has spider webbed laquer. The tyres are all very good with even wear, rear tyres on 5mm and the front ones are between 3-4mm.

Would really like to keep them, especially as my wife now has a b6 avant herself, but as said just don't have the room for them in the shed what with it being stacked up with garden toys for our 3 kids.

So what do people reckon the going rate is? Hard to price wheels that have winter tyres I think.


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Have you tried completed listings on eBay? You might get an idea on there if you can find a similar set. Maybe wait until later in the year as you might get more for them then.


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Na, good plan! I'll have a look at completed/sold items now.


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I'd also look into splitting the tyres from them. Someone might already have a spare set of alloys and want just tyres. When I looked for wheels it seems that tyres and wheels together don't always make as much.

And there's bound to be someone who will want a set of those awful 16's maybe! I've kept mine purely for winter tyres. If I ever get rid of the audi I'll sell them on, or donate them. :)

I bet they'd look quite nice on a smaller car, as I like the design. But, they're just too small for the a4.


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I don't think they look too bad actually, your right in the sense that they look too small for a big car but for winter wheels they are perfect cos they're so easy to clean!


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Ebay, anyone north of london should have your arm off!!!!! could you not stash them in a mates loft, garage etc, i see them as essential kit


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I've already asked around but anyone I know that may of had some space in their garage etc is completely out of space.

Here are some pics of them, I hate putting things up for auction on eBay incase they hardly have any watchers and it ends up selling for absolute peanuts, then I'd be gutted, even a reserve I wouldn't know what to set it at really.....