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Bought a jumper for my eldest from M & S and its all out of shape and threads hanging off it but they will not exchange it so the missus tells me.
citzens advice website is not helpful in this case.
Anyone know what our rights are ?


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Don't you have a receipt? M&S are usually very good with exchange and refunds. Can't help you out otherwise.


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How long have you had it Jase??

Just take it back again, you go this time and see if you can speak to a manager, just give the usual about it not being fit for use etc.

Either that or just rig HO and see if you can speak to someone, explain the situ and give the usual about being a long standing M&S customer!!!!


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I had an issue recently with an item of clothing bought almost a year ago from Oneill, with a broken zipper & stitching coming undone, so I rang them & given I have receipt & its under a year old they are obliged to deal with it because it is still within warranty period, so afaik you have your right under the warranty they give to return for exchange or refund.


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mate you still got the receicpt go to another store they should change it even if it was a year old.i have before in the likes of next and jd sports