Considering an RS4 b7


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Any general problem I should look gorgeous with one of these?

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RS4 Cookie

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Hi mate, in general the B7's are sound motors. The DRC suspension is great if you get a good one, check for any oil leaks on the Damper units and any related pipework, they're not hard to replace but can be pretty costly, I replaced mine with a set of Bilstein coilovers due to a suspension pipe leaking right above the fuel tank. The Oil cooler lines are prone to leaking, approx. £120 for the shorter line and approx. £170 for longer one...not too expensive but can be a real pain to do especially getting the nuts off the Oil cooler. And last but not least...Brake discs, the newer, the better, again not a hard job to do but ****** Expensive..Approx. £1200-£1400 for the four then another £400-£500 for pads from Audi. Euro car parts can do a full set of pads for about £150. Good luck..