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Confusing TTS, Sport and TT S-Line

Audi TT Ronski Oct 4, 2018

  1. Audi TT Ronski

    Audi TT Ronski New Member

    I am looking to buy a second hand Audi TT and getting a little confused about the TTS - Sport and S-Line...
    I Sometimes see info on the TTS and unsure whether this is the Sport or S-Line
    Is it me ? or are reviewers and such using the S for the sport and the S-Line....
    Is the Sport less popular ? because I can't see many Sport models for sale at all, they all seem to be selling the S-Line, or is there a bigger profit margin - bit like selling a basic model ford with plastic mats etc...
    Anything you can say to clear the fog would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  3. suzannec

    suzannec Active Member Team Daytona Team Scuba

    I think you need to study a brochure!

    TTS is the top model on the highest bhp engine. S-line is premium spec typically offered on most engine configurations. Sport is entry level with a basic spec.

    TTS will be the most expensive especially so if it has a good option spec and low mileage. S-line will hold its value over a sport. Sport can have lots of options so still worth checking out.
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  4. D0C

    D0C Well-Known Member Team Nardo Team Panther Audi RS3 TTRS

    Or go full house and get a TTRS. In my opinion it's a big step up from a TTS.

    Basic Sport spec models can look quite nasty.
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  5. JeremyLanger

    JeremyLanger New Member

    I have a TT S-line Quattro 2.0 petrol. It also has the infotainment system with bang & olufsen sound system and the styling pack. Fantastic vehicle in Nano Grey Metalluc. 2017 plate.

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