Condensation in rear light cluster


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Noticed some condensation in the outside rear drivers light cluster today. It's the only one that has it.



Is this normal does anyone else have it. I am slightly worried as they are full LED and have more in them that simple tungsten bulbs.....


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I’ve an idea there was a thread about this on here not long ago. With some suggestions that it is normal.
Having said that, when my car went in for it’s final service before the warranty ran out, the dealer found a small amount of condensation in one front light cluster. I hadn’t noticed it. They said it was not serious, but they wanted to replace under warranty before it ran out - which I thought was pretty good. It was actually out of warranty by the time they got the unit and fitted it, but it was fine because it was noted before.


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Had a quick search and it didn't come up with anything not for the 8v anyway . It is going in for a service within the month so will add it to the list of things that need to be addressed . It's still in warranty for another 18 months .


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Moisture and electronics don’t mix.
Similar to the a6 c7 led tear lights and it’s the seal between the light and car that fails and causes this. Get it sorted if it’s under warranty as it’s expensive to replace.


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My car doesn't have this, I'd say get it fixed asap, no way this can be normal.

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normal for some lights to get "misty" but water like that = a crack somewhere or a failed seal.


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I had it when I had the S3, took it down for them to look at and we walked around other A3's that were outside for sale...some had it some didn't!!! I can't remember why I didn't bother pushing it now???


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Thanks will add it to the warranty list when it goes in for service in a couple of weeks


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Car went in for a 30k service today and they replaced the cluster with no questions. I asked where the water got in and they said it must of been a seal as there was no cracks. So I guess I was just unlucky ....