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Starting to look into front comps for the B5, heard all the problems with the mountiing hassle etc so will be mounting in custom builds.

Previously had Focals which i sold on now and have heard Rainbows recommended for the Audi before, but are there any others worth considering like the Hertz DSK 130's or Infinity Reference 5030cs???

Want to keep it lower budget this time but still want sound clarity etc of the Focals and havent had the pleasure of experiencing these other types so looking for advice from anybody that has used them before i go throwing cash at bigger named stuff.

Fogot to add, will be running of an Alpine MRV amp, 50wrms per channel.

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it all depends on what kind of sound you like, the infinitys are a bright sounding speaker with an ok bass response, i have had no experience with the Hert ones, but they seem a decent unit.

I am going to amp my setup and stick some trusty Vibe black airs in, decent mid range speaker and will still be eleventy billion times better due to amping them anyway. Make sure you seal the silly plastic adapter to the card adequately.

Also be aware that sometimes the cone suspension can touch the adapter on excusrsion, so it may alter your choices of speakers accordingly


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Cheers Mark

Im looking for clarity and precission over bass really as i'll bridge two channels for a sub in the boot that will provide enuff.

As said, loved the Focal comps previously so anything that compares with them is ideal.

Never used Vibe and spoke to a few who rate them, however i think they didnt get a great start when they came on the market and its always been in the back of my mind. Have you used them before then, how are they for value etc?

Going for a custom build for the speakers, preferebly mounted on the doors so to avoid the issues with the standard positions and fitament.


People keep on reccomending the Rainbows to me. Very tempted, might have to give them a whirl sometime soon! As Byzan said, the doorcard adapters can be ok as long as they are sealed accoringly and everything is flusher than usher! lol! Good luck mara, hope you find something that suits your needs.


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Just installed a set of Rainbows as replacements to the Nokia oem's using the Maystar adapter which enables a perfect fit.
As mentioned above, its important that they are flush which is why is used a thin layer of the self sticking "draught excluder" normally used on dble glazing which can easilly be picked uo from any decent hardware store.
The fit produces a decent result when screwed down properly without ripping the plastic thread of the adapter.

Not too keen on the tweeters (although they have a bright/soft connection option) as they do not seem active enough when compared to the oem's despite being ran by a 2 way Alpine MRV -T320 amp. Hence, I just took them out over the weekend and replaced them with the originals which now give much more colour to the mid ranges.

I cant say i have heard anything bad about the Focals but the Rainbows are very good on clarity especially on high volumes with out distortion once you set up your gain properly on the amp. If you have a decent enough sub or upgraded speakers on the parcel shelf this should take care of the bass and then provide a decent balance.

Best advice is to try and listen to a few different set ups as "one mans meat is another mans poison"

Good luck