Compare RS4 B8 grills


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Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the difference in quality (if any) between the different RS4 B8 grills out there for sale. I've been looking at:

Xenonz - £229

Precision upgrades - £149

£80 appears to be a big difference, and for that you would expect to see the difference??

Has anyone had the opportunity to see both and make a sound judgment on the quality of both?

I don't want to bolt a cheap piece of plastic on a quality motor and would rather spend the extra money if there is a notable difference. But if there is no difference I would rather save £80.


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I'm pretty sure they all come from 1 or 2 Chinese factories
Mine looks identical to those 2 (smaller mesh in the Audi rings) & is fine quality wise (cost around £170)
I'd save the 80 quid TBH


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Same here, guy I spoke to at a car show said his cost him £250. I took a risk on getting the cheaper one for £165 and was exactly the same..


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I have been looking at the same ones, are the Audi rings the same size as stock ?


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as above i dont think theres much difference to be honest

fitted a £150 grill to mine and a set or raywell black rings sit on it perfect and no issues with fitting or parking sensors, id save the £80 towards the next mod !


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Mind only cost me £65 from a company in California on eBay. Read my post in the RS4 Grille sticky.


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If in doubt, go OEM.