Coming home lights,whats needed on the car?


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Feb 26, 2009
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Hello people as above i wondered i f this can be activated on my car,or does it need certain factory fitted stuff like auto headlamps or something else? what my car hasnt got,looked on vagcom but if it can be done where is it or what parameters should it be under?

cheers for any responce
Cheers boss,has anyone else done this with no problems?
I've done this but having a few problems :(...

It has a mind of its own... the leaving home lights will work only sometimes and the coming home lights never come on. Have double checked everything in VCDS... I'm now out of ideas..
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  3. Hi Marc, some questions if you dont mind

    Do you need the auto lights/wipers or auto dimming mirrors for this to function? From the pic of the light switch in your site, it seems like a no?

    Just to confirm, the light switch can be left at off position and when you remove the key, the dipped lights will come on?

    Without the light sensors, this mod will switch on the lights regardless of surrounding brightness?

    Oh, and you need to trim your nails:)

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  3. No, No, Yes and Yes.

So does this mean you have to have dimming mirror ? because if thats a yeah i havnt,sorry for bringing up and old thread and been thick​
Does anyone know where i can get the repair wire from, i just rang audi and they said they cant order it try vw so i did and they said they cant order it. any ideas?
go the the stoke audi section on the fourm, they do it for £2 so i just emailed them
I've done this mod using the exact guide in (post 2) I have no auto lights/wipers....and it works perfect, when

I press open on the key - lights cone on for 20seconds

When i turn the car off and open door - lights come on for 20seconds

The timing can be whatever you want, but (leaving) lights will only work when the car gas been turned from on to off!
i think the easyest way to get the right repair wire is to get the part number off the connector under the dash thats what i did when i had to get a repair wire for my footwell lights they can order the right wire for the connector it should read starting with something like 1KO xxx xxx if they cant do that then they are useless lol
Right it seems my supplier are useless and the number for the repair wire doesnt mean anything to them,has anyone any idea of the number or who can help me please?
Ring Dave at Stoke Audi ( forum sponsors ).

He's very helpful and will sort you out.
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I have messaged him to there sponsor link from here but dont know how often they look,the thing is i am in the trade and could get myself if they give me part number but that sounds cheeky and tight,but that is me really apart from the cheeky bit
Phone Dave on 01728 590428

It'll only be about £2 so being in the trade doesn't really matter does it ?
yea why use a supplier for something as little as this....ring dave or go into an audi garage mate
No does matter either way but thought it would be less hassle them if they could get me part number to save messing about posting something that there not going to make nothing on anyway as they dont with looms,wires and other things like that as very low discount codes,& smoothie rang audi mate no help there either,i will sort with Dave at stoke audi if not,thanks again for you help people
the only other way to get the right wire if that comes to no end then as i said in post 14 get under the dash and get the part number off the connector block thats what i did when i ordered the repair wire for my footwell light retrofit it should be something like 1ko ### ###
I take it this repair wire consists of just a small spade connector and a wire with nothing on other end ? if so we have some genuine things the dealers sent as a headlamp repair loom which consisted of all seperate wires to fit in the genuine multi plugs

and has my option to put smileys in a post gone ?
well mate im not rubbing it in but i had zero problems with this mod, leave it with me

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