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Oct 8, 2015
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Dublin, Ireland
Quick one, I currently have the Coming Home/Leaving Home function on my B7 so when I unlock the car the interior lights come on as well as the fogs. Does anyone know if this can be changed to the main dipped headlights instead of the fogs? It used to be like this on my old MK5 GTI and it was great as it lit up the entire driveway, and with the B7 it doesn't have a patch on it.

I know I can change the fog light bulbs to Xenon but that's not what I'm looking for.

Anyone ever done this?
I'm trying to find out this info too for my RS4. Would prefer the dipped lights rather then fogs.
I too retrofitted this few weeks ago and will be getting the VCDS side done next Saturday...
From my understanding only the fogs come on but I too would like the main dipped lights instead.
Surely someone here knows whether this is possible or not?
Can change the fogs to HID if you want more light
The BMW does high beams which is better
Nah mate, not really looking to spend a lot on that mod but will be looking to change the bulbs to maybe a bit more whiter /brighter set. Currently have a set of osrams in there. Any suggestions welcome though.
Thanks for clearing this up for us though.
Just had the coming home lights activated (rain sensor) although that works now the headlight comes on when I start the engine even when it's turned off on the headlight switch!
Any ideas guys? Because that's not what I wanted.
You can have DRL on with or without halogen/xenon
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I am your way in couple of weeks, happy to bring lap top and change anything you need FOC
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Yes please mate, if you don't mind, I really do appreciate this.

You'd be saving me a great deal of time... The guy I went to will change it for free too but just to give you an indication I was at his place for 4 hours today and out of that he spent about 20 minutes on the VCDS and the rest just talking - yes he likes to talk to a point my ears start to bleed and I'm afraid I'd loose another half a day listening to him waffle on about things should I return!!

Will PM you with my number.

Thanks again.