Comfort Control Module - are they all the same?


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Can someone tell me if the suffix letter on the end of the part number means anything on the CCM? As per many others I've had the joy of significant water ingress into the passenger footwells recently, and just pulled up the carpet to find the CCM going for a swim in its box! :blownose:

Number on the box is 4B0 962 258 H but have seen a few on ebay that have different letters at the end such as B

or A. Can I fit one of those units if mine needs replacing once dried out?

Also, will the keys need coding to the new module? Central locking not working right now and hazard lights permanently on. Or are they just plug and play?

Any tips on how to dry the carpet/foam out in the quickest time appreciated - looking at taking the seat out but seems like the carpet is unlikely to be removable from the centre so can only peel it back to try to dry it.

Thanks all.