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Cold weather battery performance

oldoiler Nov 30, 2017

  1. oldoiler

    oldoiler Registered User

    What is your battery performance been like in the last week of our uk cold weather??
    Been thinking of getting a e tron but concerned about cold weather performance

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  3. oldoiler

    oldoiler Registered User

    Lost about 9 electric miles, cold charge won’t go above 21 electric miles
    so summer weather is giving around 28/30 electric miles charge
    Would be the same for any hybrid or full electric vehicles. Certainly the published miles for electric cars would be greatly reduced ( bit like the present petrol mpg) and you would have to assume flat road too!! I would take at least 1/4 of any publicised miles
    Still goes like stink (e trons have electronic differentials ) but reduced distances

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  4. jrumball

    jrumball Registered User

    I have only ever seen 30 miles once and my mpg is atrocious Avg about 50 over 15k miles , getting early 20s for the battery at the moment though I never see that driving by the time I have got to the end of the road it is 19. Really disappointed with the mpg was advertised as about 160 never expected to get that but I expected it to be better than my last diesel !!!

    Seriously considering making a complaint

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