Coilovers and Spacers on 19” Rotors (B8.5)


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Is anyone Running coilovers and spacers on the 19” Rotors?
Just want ideas on how far out I can go with it down around 50mm.

I’m looking at ST x Coilovers by KW, then not sure which spacers yet..


Needs a serious drop..

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It all depends on the make of your tyres.

Some 255 35 19 will catch with 10mm spacers in the rear, other makes can get away with 12.5mm rub free.


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12mm rear and 8mm/10mm front.

Let me know if we can be any help with info or prices.

Damian @ DPM Performance

Yeah I will be coming to you, had already messaged you about them. Thinking about the ST x Coilovers too

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