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has anyone got a height adjustable coilover suspension on an s3 or even a a3 quattro model. if so did you get any problems fitting the rear suspension.
the reason being i cant seem to fit the coilover without cutting a small piece of metal on the rear.



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I got Koni fully adjustable coilovers, got AMD to fit it, but I don't think they cut out any metal pieces


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Eibach COs on my S3, no cutting required!


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H&R's on mine and didnt cut anything on the rear, but i did modify the front bracket slightly.
What 'bit' of metal are you referring to?


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hey thanks for the replies. its ok now found out they supplied me the the wrong kit. ive now fitted an eibach coilover last week. no modifications at all and handles really well.


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Hi 1mran,

What does it ride like on the new coilovers? I have Koni/Eibach on my Corrado and always found it really harsh, felt like you were slamming into stuff all the time and a real pain on speed bumps. Thought about getting them for the S3 as it does feel soft when you get into it after the Corrado but don't want to go spoiling it.

What wheels you using, I've got 18s so hard suspension and 40 profile tyres might be more than I can stand on Derbyshire's well maintained lanes /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh_roll.gif


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i had koni coilovers on my previous car and in my opinion the eibach kit on my s3 is better in every way. ive got 18" wheels and the ride height is set quite low. i mean there isnt much room to put your hands in the arches. although i think its fine you can feel the odd bump but comparing it to other cars with coilovers i think its better. from standard setup its ride quality is quite similar to now but depends how low you set it. also the eibach is more expensive compared to the others so you get what you pay for but overall im happy with it as most importantly it handles really well and looks a lot better.