Coilover spring rates


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Just about to press the button and buy some coilovers for the MK1 TT. Essentially the same as the 8L S3.
After looking around at all the various options it came down to the BC racing items or GAZ Golds.
I am leaning towards the GAZ golds even though they will be more expensive as they seem to be the better item for doing the job and if I need parts / spares etc they are based in the UK.
As I am able to specify the spring rates and the damping is set up around the springs supplied the next question is what spring rates to go for. The car is a track day car and will be driven to the track. I will use it at other times but it certainly isn't a daily driver. I have told GAZ that it will be fully stripped to reduce the weight and will be running normal treaded tyres, not going down the slick route. They have recommended 500 Lb/in fronts and 650 Lb/in rears.
I believe the motion ratio on the rear suspension is something like 0.63 so the rear springs need to be a high rating. The rear rating seems a little low though, but then again there really isn't that much weight in the rear.
I have had a look around and can't really find any numbers for spring rates. I know each cars setup will be slightly different but can anybody chime in with some experience.