coil pack replacement scheme


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Hey guys,

Not having a very good week with my car a ****** coil pack has just gone, :-( Quick question booked in tomorrow to get them replaced on the scheme by audi, but will they erase my re-map with a ecu flash? don't want something that is ment to be free costing me £500 for another re-map

Thanks and got the brake lights fixed on Thursday! typical nothing goes majorly wrong with the car for 2 years and now everything starts to go at once!

Thanks again



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Oh i know i should use the search function but type coil pack in an audi forum and believe it or not it comes up with 1000's of results :S A note for admins it maybe good to put a car/forum filter on the search


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first of all, you might get them replaced, its not a given, they have to check the part numbers & if they are found to be the "known to fail" number then they will be replaced.

Also don't worry about your remap, the diag machine won't wipe your map as its only the newer generation (MY 08 up) that have problems with that.

Cheers, Ewan.