Coding autobrake and DIS view


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Hi guys,
I am the new owner of the a4 b9 from 2018. The car is absolutely great and despite the fact that it is less equipped than the previous Škoda Superb, every journey is a joy for me! But I am missing a few things.
I've done a lot of things like Autohold, line assist, or automatic high beams. but I would like to know three more things.
1) Is it possible to set the automatic parking brake at P? So that the car is would not move after P is engaged.
2) Is it possible somewhere in the car to display the battery charge status? Unfortunately I only have a basic monochrome display, mmi radio plus And basic multifunctional wheel.
3) Is it possible to display the oil temperature?

thank you for your time!


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Oil temp is available as it displays on my virtual dash. Also I believe if you open the door whilst in gear it'll automatically go in to P position.
I'd like to know about battery charge status too
You can code in auto park brake, can be done with carista or obdeleven. I have it set so when I stop in drive with my foot on the brake, turning off the engine will shift the trans to park and engage the parking brake.


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Nice! Thank you for the info about autobrake, but do you know how? And about oil temp... it is probably standart on VC or color DIS, but do someone know how to (if its possible) enable it on mono screen?
You'll need an odb dongle and either the carista app or odbeleven. There would be a cost involved but it's not much. Can't say on the mono DIS but I could enable it in the MMI settings on my golf, I assume similar for the low-res guages


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I have the OBD11, bud have no clue how to enable it... and about DIS, on my Škoda Superb, there was also setting in "MMI" that enable things in gauges, but nothing in A4...