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COD Cylinder active & Clock Displays Now Fixed/Working

kmacuk Dec 8, 2013

  1. kmacuk

    kmacuk New Member

    Picked up my COD S-Line Saturday and having read on here that the 2 cylinder acivations, like the A1, does not display and no way of showing the clock unless using MMI screen up; well if running in on board computer mode on the DIS you can display clock, MPG and get the "2 cylinder mode" indicator when acive, all on the same DIS screen. Potentially everyone has this fix now? either that or new builds have a software update to correct the issue?

    Anyway just posting for those who had the issue to advise it no longer is on mine and potentially all future COD's :)
  2. Fragup

    Fragup Member

    That's good to know will have to check mine at some point as only had a week so should be same.
    i will say though the 2 - 4 cylinder system is so amazingly smooth and you don't even notice it, well impressed with engine so far, and getting over 40 and sometimes 50 mpg without trying. And is great when you put your foot down!
  3. AJB

    AJB Active Member

    The clock issue is when Stop/Start is active, or when cruise control is on. The stop/start symbol or cruise speed takes the place of the clock in the DIS and there's no way to scroll the other line of the DIS display (MPG or whatever) to show the clock either.

    Interesting that you have the 2 cylinder mode display. Mine didn't (September collection, but was ready a few weeks before that), but thanks to some advice on here I've turned on the 2 cylinder mode display using VCDS.

    I'm loving the engine in mine so far.
  4. Jenks108

    Jenks108 Member

    Took my A3 sportback COD in for it's first service today at Cardiff Audi and asked them why the 2 cylinder mode isn't working. I told them I'd contacted audi uk who said it should be working and asked them to sort it out. When I collected my car they told me this feature isn't available on UK cars. Strange, as my colleague has a saloon he bought at that garage and it works fine. The service lady looked bemused and handed me the invoice.

    Getting frustrated now as this feature is obviously available, but is it limited to saloon's only? Or auto boxes?

    Has anyone got a manual sportback with this feature active?

  5. leosayer1

    leosayer1 Active Member


    I do notice the change and can usually tell what mode it is in by the sounds the engine makes.

    It is a subtle difference but noticeable once you're tuned in to it.
  6. jongeddes

    jongeddes Member

    If you mean it shows on the display I have 2014 manual sportback and it does show when active on the central display but only on certain screens can't remember which now think it shows on average mpg but it def does display on uk spec car

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