Clutch slipping under load??


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So I've noticed recently that under hard acceleration it feels like my clutch is sometimes slipping.

I'll be cruising at 2k rpm and I put my foot down to overtake or something and the engine will almost instantly rev to 3k - 3.5k and stay there whilst the car is only very slowly accelerating. If I let my foot off to let the rpm drop down and I put my foot down again it's usually fine.

This mainly only happens in 3 and 4th gear, but doesn't happen when changing gears which leads me to believe it's not the clutch?

Any ideas what this could be?

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classic clutch slippage.


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Done 86k miles, still on the original clutch, I guess I'm looking at an expensive replacement?

Edit: thanks Tony, I didn't expect a clutch and flywheel for this car to be that cheap, I guess fitting it is the major bill.

It isn't remapped and I rarely put it under full throttle, that one should do.

tony mc

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welcome to the world of audi ownership lol, its most expensive car to look after and mod i have ever owned.

but i do love it still.


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It's not Audi it's just the way the world rolls now , evermore completed and fragile .

86K is good innings , just costly , refinement costs .


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How much life left in the clutch do you reckon? It doesn't always happen and is still pretty hard to stall.