Clutch slipping - Big bill looming..? :(


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Hi guys,

Got a 2003 Audi A4 Avant 2.0l FSI Petrol;

My clutch slipped the other day going up a really steep hill in 3rd gear. Got a quote from a local VW/Audi specialist, they said "New clutch fitted is £448.20 inc vat and fitting. If you need a new Dual mass flywheel it will be £294 extra inc vat and fitting."

So potentially a total bill of £742.20!! Does this sound right?

How would I know if I need to replace the Dual mass flywheel?

Appreciate any help!

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£50 cheaper than what I paid for my clutch and DMF fitted. There are different clutch/DMF sizes across the Audi range but seems a fair price


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I was advised not to go the single mass route, Got a new clutch, dual, mass oil change a bit of fault finding done, 3.5 hours labour for £780 last week, I was on 91k with the old one.
I think its always advisable to change the flywheel whenever you do the clutch anyway.


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wow maybe i should start fitting dmf's for a living lol!
i replaced mine with a sachs full kit that cost me £280 off ebay and and took me just over 6 hours to do on a drive!
amazes me what garages charge when they can do the job on a lift in twice the time thats why i stopped being a mechanic,working at a lexus dealer where they charged the customer £140 an hour but moaned when we asked for a pay rise from our £10 an hour lol


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You fitted an A4 clutch & DMF on the drive! - wow.
I helped a mate fit a new clutch to his 1.8t passat on the drive - never again will I attempt to remove a gearbox like that on a driveway.
We had an engine crane lifting the whole front end about 1.5 metres off the floor to give us enough room.


It's all about the V8.
If the DMF isn't causing problems (ie causing judder) then why replace it. I only replaced the clutch on mine about 12 months ago and I've had no issues at all. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Just a thought.


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yeah i replaced a fair few rwd transit dmf's too but they had more room underneath,basically i just put the front end on axle stands then to get the box out as i was on my own i just used a small jack to lower it and higher it!
i agree no point replacing it if its ok but just be prepared that it might need it once the gearbox is out as thats the main way of checking it and no point building it back up to strip everything down again to replace dmf!
as it happens im about to take my box out again as im pretty certain its kaput!