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Clutch-slip on tdi 143!

gaz j Mar 3, 2012

  1. gaz j

    gaz j Member

    Last night the clutch started slipping. I done the usual tests, flooring it in 2nd then putting it straight into 5th and flooring it and the revs just shot up and dropped. We were on our way for a meal so the car got left for about 4 hours,but then on way home it done it again. This morning i have driven it and it seems ok,no slip whatsoever? Anyone else experienced this or have any ideas? Im hoping the clutch hasnt gone as the warranty ran out 3 months ago and the car is only on 24k miles!
  2. gazb8

    gazb8 New Member VCDS Map User

    sounds like the clutch is sticking mine was the same at 40k( under warrenty still) audi wouldnt cover it under warrenty so i changed mine in the garage i work in on a saturday cost me just under £600+vat for the flywheel (dual mass) clutch etc and a saturday and its the bearing sticking on the sleave. my mate has a5 doing the same im changing his for parts and £150 for my sunday if your close give me a shout

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