Clutch pedal stuck to the floor!!!


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Just on the way tesco and my clutch felt a little funny, as i kept going the clutch started to stick to the floor until i could not change gear, pulled in and tried to select gear agen but no joy.

In the end had to put it in first and then start the engine and limp home with no clutch, am now left with a clutch pedal that is fully down with no pressure.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


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Do a search.

Happened to me at Christmas and it was the pedal bracket that broke. Its a poor design and they all go eventually. Even the dealer admitted that!

Could be another reson but I'd look for bits in the drivers footwell......


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My clutch pedal went a year back, turned out to be the welded bracket on the pedal which the return spring mounts off had snapped. 100 and odd quid later, all sorted.


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ok nice 1 lads, so it sounds like a normal problem, apart from looking for bits in the foot well any other things i should look for? job i can do myself or dealer job ( am quite handy at most things )


Goodie Gum Drops
Just had another look, seems the pedals are working fine and the plunger into the master cylinder is moving, could it be the seals have gone in the master cylinder? any idea of costs of a new cylinder?