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Hi everyone I hope you're all well!. I am a new member to the forum and a new owner of an 8p Audi S3 Sportback as of last week. I'm really enjoying this car however I noticed a little blip a few times when driving. The clutch pedal sticks down briefly when changing gear. It also happened today; I changed gear and let off the clutch pedal and it just sprung back up after a brief second(potentially less). It was enough for me to register a delay anyway. I have read on another post from years ago that there was an issue with the master cylinder, A seal that rolls over briefly and was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue before and knows if I can get a seal for it and is it the master cylinder behind brake fluid reservoir or the master cylinder on the clutch pedal?. I know I could be way off with this but that particular post I saw seemed to match my symptom, This is why I'm posting here for help My mileage is 67,000, Model 2010

Any advice is appreciated



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If the brake pedal is ok then it seems your clutch slave cylinder is faulty. More labour time to fix of course so best to have your trusted local garage diagnose and change it out.


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If it is the slave cylinder at fault, you may start to see hydraulic fluid leaking out from under the gearbox.