Clutch Pedal snapped, anyone know of or have 1

a3 quattr0

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Hi all,

My clutch pedal snapped lastnite when i finished clubbing. Luckily i was parked and boom it went when i pushed down on the clutch. Not good when everyone wants to get home. Anyways AA come and flatbed was needed, because you cant toe a 4wd car, got home eventually.

Anyone got a complete clutch assembly and preferably with the master cylinder attached to save hassle when fitting or know of anywhere. Ebay have a few, but i need to get the car sorted by Tuesday. And delivery is going to b a week.

I live in London and willing to drive to get the part. The car is a 1.8T Quattro A3 1999

Thank you


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Audi sell the pedal, clip and switch bracket for about £23 get it from them, They'll probably have them in stock as the are quite a common failure part.
You could have driven it home, I have done it a few times before in different cars, although it used to be when the clutch cable snapped.


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Coomon problem on these and mk4 golfs simple swap over just fiddly! New pedals from dealer have a better weld on the back aswell!


Y can you not toe a 4 wheel drive car? I have.

Exact thing happened to me yesturday.AA towed me to my mates garage down the road.He did ask the same question of the 4wd but i explained it wasnt permenant 4wd. He checked on his computer and it said he could tow me max of 30 miles at 30mph.
so his AA guy prob couldnt be ***** with the bar tow and got flatbed instead. lol