clutch pedal on the floor


2nd gear sorts em out
Hi all
I had my clutch changed a couple of years ago now, had a CG motorsport 5 paddle fitted with a new DMF because my slave cylinder was knackered , now the ****** peddle is on the floor again could it be the slave cylinder again ? thought it should of lasted longer than that , it does get better after driving it but is still very low, any ideas please


It's supposed to do that..
When mine hit the floor, it was the bleed valve in between the two O rings in the picture, it sits on top of the gearbox and was leaking like mad. Worth a look.

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2nd gear sorts em out
It wasn’t leaking but I opened the valve and let a little fluid out now no clutch at all I’ve been and bought a power bleeder done all the brakes and lastly the clutch but still nothing , this is doing me in now if anybody could help with advice as what to do please comment


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Clutch master cylinder? Any fluid leaking around clutch pedal?

Might be worth a look mate. Hope you get sorted and please God not be the slave cylinder!