Clutch options helix or sachs


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Awesome GTI have good prices on Helix clutches. I got mine from there.


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At Stg2+,the Sachs organic did me very well up until a bigger turbo and it finally gave up at 440lbs.

Pretty good for a clutch rated to 400lbs,but the only thing to remember is that organic clutches may not cope well with drag runs,and need a bit of bedding in.

Paddle clutches are generally a pain around town and on hill starts,and SMFs can be a bit knobbly at idle.
I've got a Spec Stg3+ clutch,which is pretty much unbreakable,and if you are into drag runs etc,then it would be a very good choice.

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I can do you a good deal on Sachs item if required, please PM me for info :)